Generic Products vs Brand Name

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Do generic products really save you money?

With the price of living getting higher and higher as very year passes, people are looking for alternative ways to save money. The main reason for buying generic products, saving money, is simple enough. But there's also the satisfaction of not giving in to the marketing hype and buying something just because a company promotes it everywhere. The generic labels may not be as fancy as the brand-name products, and the taste of generic items, such as soda, may not appeal to you depending on your taste buds, but it's worth trying generic brands to see if you like them. The savings can add up over a lifetime, as a savings calculator can quickly show you. And if the savings isn't enough, or the
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For parents of children who insist on the brand, he suggests buying it once, then when it's empty, replacing it with a generic bag inside the branded box.
Pantry staples.Flour, sugar, salt, spices and other single-ingredient items are all the same. Really, they are. Government regulations require the same production and storage for generics as they do for brands, so buying a label is like giving money away for something you use every day. And since the brand-name versions are rarely on sale or have manufacturer's coupons, generic is the best way to go.
Gasoline.Just like pantry staples and other generics, buying "off-brand" gas gets your car essentially the same gas as name-brand stations. The price difference can be about 20 cents a gallon. Some off-brand stations often get their gas from the same tank trucks that deliver to the brand-name stations.
Electronic cables.If you're going to spend $1,500 on a new TV, why not $100 or so on HDMI and other cables to connect it? At least that's what you hear from the salesman. Because $9 cables will make the same connection and work just as well. People are afraid they'll screw their TV up if they don't buy the highest-priced connecting cables, and sales people pounce on that fear. The copper conductors on the expensive cables are claimed by the manufacturer to give a better signal transfer, but in reality any cable will work just as well.
Makeup and other beauty products. Drugstores


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