Pfizer Case Study

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Pfizer – Written Case Report
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BAMG 456-023: Strategic Management & Business Policy (Fall 2012)

Table of Contents: 1. Part One: Evaluation of the External Environment a. Introduction 4 b. Opportunities and Threats 6 i. Assessment of Societal (Remote) Environment ii. Assessment of Industry (Task) Environment iii. Assessment of Competition (Bryan Jenkins) iv. Overall Opportunities and Threats and Score 2. Part Two: Evaluation of the Internal Environment # c. Financial Management Analysis # v. Profitability vi. Analysis of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows vii. Ratio Analysis, Z-value, g*
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Pfizer’s remote/social and industry environment as well as itscompetition are key examples of different kinds of threats that Pfizer faces.
First, Pfizer’s remote/societal environment. A company’s remote environment is the social system that the company operates in. Pfizer’s opportunities in this environment are fairly common across the pharmacutical industry and businesses in general. One strong economic opportunity is the ever expanding market that Pfizer has in China and India. Due to the world’s vast differences from place to place, there are different needs in every place. A great example of this are diseases that are practically extinct in countries like ours but are still common in others. The expanding markets tie to another sociocultural opportunity, the expanding population. With the increasing amount of people in the world, Pfizer has the opportunity to provide those people with the pharmacutical needs that they require. Adding to the population are increasing life expectancies that provide even more specialized markets and opportunities for Pfizer. In addition, the technological advances that are coming at an almost constant rate is another fantastic opportunity for Pfizer. Pfizer’s heavy reliance on R&D plays directly into this opportunity as well. With all of the opportunities Pfizer has in the remote environemnt, they also face numerous challenges


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