Hexadecimal Company

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The Hexadecimal Company Case Analysis pg, 167

I. Problems A. Macro The Hexadecimal Company in recent years was forced to change their product market due to lower labor costs by companies in competition. With this change of product came rapid growth and systemic problems within the company. The President, John, Zoltan, decided to created an Organizational Development (OD) group to help address change and managerial style within the company. However, this OD group was not accepted well within the organization and many felt as though this group was a waste of time, energy and resources. Employees did not want to participate in the training although forced to attend. In the beginning of the group’s development, the
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This lack of leadership within the group possibly created hostilities due to the feeling of favoritism.

IV. Alternatives Baker could go forth and introduce the suggestions and/or recommendation of the three board members mentioned within their meeting. These could benefit Baker due to these three boards members knowing the company and know what changes to make and what updates need to be made. Baker can also make no drastic sudden changes until he is able to view all of the current processes in place and managers techniques at handling theses areas. Baker can also interview each manager and get their perspective of how operations, leadership and what they expect of him.
Follow all of the committee 's recommendations and get on with the program under the jurisdiction of the human resources department. Let Kay and Pete resign and look for people for the OD program who are compatible with the culture of the Hexadecimal Company. Follow some of the committee 's recommendations save for designating a central contact person , and still allow all OD group members to contact Zoltan directly
Stop the OD program altogether and look for another way to help the company achieve organizational excellence

V. Recommendations Baker truly needs to evaluate all areas, operations,


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