Healthymagination at GE Healthcare Systems

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Case Analysis
Healthymagination at GE Healthcare Systems

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1. Executive Summary

The key issue facing GEHS today is that despite high potential growth in both the developed and developing markets traditional B2B marketing lines are slow; the buyers control the power and the end consumer (patients) sees GEHS and its competitors as “faceless” corporations and their countries health care services as lacking. End users want cheaper, better quality, and more accessible healthcare and GEHS wants to grow market share and improve reputation.
While GEHS is the current market leader there is tumultuous change happening in the market with the aging
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All pose their own unique set of uncertainties in terms of financial success or ability to meet the 15% requirement. Refer to appendix 7 for full details and financial implications of each offering.

4. Alternatives
Each product significantly differs from the other and each poses unique potential benefits and risks to GEHS. The budget would allow all products to be developed but given the small success rate of NPI only the products seen to have significant potential for creating value for GE and the end user will be proposed.
1. Status Quo: Do not introduce any
2. HepEcho
3. TEEmax
4. UltraLipo
5. Omega
5. Evaluation of Alternatives
Market Share Growth
Value proposition of 15%: cost, quality, or access
Net Profit growth
Status Quo
Growth based on existing lines of business. Uncertain if increasing or decreasing. Unlikely to remain steady. none No growth, but no losses other than opportunity
Lost opportunity
Expected growth, 700,000 people affect each year. With again population the prevalence will only increase.
Quality through technology

Even at 10% of market share all investment is recouped and marginal profit of $3960 earned.
Competitor expected to introduce a ‘fusion' product which merges ultrasound with CT and MR images. TEEmax
Small growth, expected 1000 units in year one. Reputation growth is significant plus the promotional opportunities.