Gluten Free

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The Gluten Free Food Industry
Alyssa Lipshutz
January 15, 2011
Current Marketing Perspectives
Pallab Paul

Overview of Gluten free Market

If you walk into a grocery store today, chances are there is going to an aisle or at least a section dedicated to gluten free food; nevertheless, this was not always the case. The United State’s gluten free market has become increasingly popular during the last decade. Gluten free food gained significant recognition and emerged from its shadow with the help of celebrities such as Chelsea Clinton whose wedding cake was entirely gluten free or Madonna who had gluten free treats at her birthday ( Prior to this, there was very little knowledge regarding gluten intolerances, and
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Udi’s, a gluten free company based out of Denver, offers consumers with seventy five percent off coupons, which are strategically placed next to their items at the grocery store. This method not only attempts to overcome the challenge of high priced gluten free food, but it is also beneficial to Udi’s sales because more individuals are willing to try their products. Another problem that has recently come about in the gluten free market is the fear of gluten free foods becoming contaminated. Given gluten free product lines are expanding and gluten free foods are being integrated onto the shelves of grocery stores many fear that the near proximity to foods containing gluten will contaminate the gluten free foods. As gluten free foods become more common many argue that they should not be shelved with the natural and health foods but rather with their counterpart items; nevertheless, medical professionals fear the gluten free food will no longer be suitable for individuals with sever cases of celiac disease because of the particles in the air which could potentially contaminate the gluten free food. This issue raises concern for marketers who feel that integrating gluten free foods on the grocery store shelves will help to further expand the market by familiarizing consumers with gluten free foods even more. The finally challenge that the gluten free market faces is the uncertainty of if or when the


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