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Cierra Miller ciermill Dr Herold

I. Describe: Anxiety is something I have been dealing with since I was in my childhood. I never fully understood anxiety until it started getting worse as I got into my adolescent stage. I had talked to my mom and grandma about it a lot of times to make sure I was okay. I have been through several both anxiety and panic attacks. I have been one to worry about everything. Pathological anxiety and fear was very random for me. I never understood what was going on. Growing up whenever I would learn something new an example is, my aunt had a tumor in her armpit and it started as a lump. I one time had a small bump and instantly worried myself that it was a
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I was adapting to these new changes in my life and starting to realize anxiety is something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. IV Change: I tried to just avoid it all together. I would look up ways on the Internet to avoid getting panic attacks or how to calm my anxiety, but nothing worked. My grandma always told me whenever she would have either a panic attack or anxiety attack that she would just remind herself to calm down and tell her self that she is okay. I honestly thought I was the only one in this world that had anxiety and was afraid of everything. I never told anyone except my close friends and family about it cause I didn’t know how other people would take it. When going to restaurants I would counter condition everything and tell myself I was okay and over time anxiety wasn’t as bad. I did a lot of cognitive restructuring as well. I would think of different things I could do to start over coming this anxiety. I started talking to other people about it and hearing that other people have anxiety and deal with the same things I do made me feel like I wasn’t the only one going through it. Dealing with this I knew that systematic desensitization was out of the question. I knew that I didn’t need help from someone hired to help me. I knew I could get through this. I started to just ignore it.


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