Family Power Debate

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MODERATOR (Nancy): I am Nancy, moderator for Team C debate. Family structure is different in every family. The family has consensus over who has the ultimate say on the day to day decisions. Present day family has very complex type of structure which affects the powerbase determination. A family consisting of a mother (female), father (male), and a child or two will have a very different power base than a family consisting of two same gender parents or a family that has a single parent. Age of the parents and the children also contributes toward power base; when the children are very young, the parents have the power and when the children grow they have their own control.
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What may be considered as perception of the power-holder(s) in family is actually the result of the positive or negative family behavior in response to structure. In a study done by Schoppe, Mangelsdorf, & Frosch, (2001), powerbase is determined by family structure. Lynda Opposition In response to Lynda Pro’s remarks that structures must be carefully assessed prior to establishing powerbase. The nurse may not assess correctly the established family powerbase. “Family nurses frequently observe role problems (structure). They may not however be identified as role problems because there are so many interrelationships and overlaps throughout problems” (Friedman, Bowden & Jones, 2003). If structure is so difficult to assess how can one establish that powerbase is determined by family structure? To the second point in Lynda’s Pro statements, powerbase derives recognition from positive and negative interactions: -- If this is so, powerbase would be constantly fluid. Any positive or negative experience or response would change powerbase or the perception of it. Constant chaos would ensue. The family would be in a constant state of upheaval, unstable, and unable to cope. Powerbase must not be dependent on family structure but on time and family phase-induced circumstances within the family. Once a system of formal or informal


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