Auxiliary Verbs: Particular Uses

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11 Auxiliary verbs: particular uses

Exercise 11A p.120

Replace the words in italics with a construction using one of the auxiliary verbs dealt with above, except where the use of be able is required (see Explanation h, j). For impersonal constructions, use one or you. It's possible that Robert will be —> Robert may be kicked out of his kicked out of his football team. football team. Is it possible to be kicked out for —> Can you be kicked out for putting putting on a bit of weight ? on a bit of weight ? I was able to speak Mercian quite —> I could speak Mercian quite well as well as a child. a child. Now I've forgotten a lot, but I was (No change) able to ask my way to Peter's house this morning. 1
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France. At one time Harry McArthur fished —> Harry McArthur used to fish more more than he does now. than he does now.

1 | As a child, Willie was in the habit of spending a lot of time reading his father's books, and didn't usually play much with other boys. | 1 Willie would spend... wouldn't often play | 2 | He learnt to avoid their company because they persistently teased him about his bookish habits. | 2 He ... they would lease ... | 3 | When people asked him what he was going to be he always smiled and said nothing. | 3 When ... he (woul)d smile and say nothing. | 4 | There was a time when he was very shy and never went to parties, but now he normally accepts most of the invitations that come his way. | 4 He used to be very shy ... he (wi)ll accept | 5 | In fact he often tells people that he kept himself to himself in the past so as to be able to get on with his studies. | 5 In fact he (wi)ll tell people that he used to keep himself to himself so as to be able to ... | 6 | Although he kept quiet on the subject, he always knew what he wanted to be. | 6 He may have kept quiet on the subject, but he always knew ... | 7 | At one time Denis and Helen's father weren't on speaking terms, but now they're as thick as thieves. | 7 Denis and Helen's father usedn't to be/ didn't use to be on speaking .. | 8 | Yes, it's just like Denis to know how to get round the boss! | 8 Yes, Denis would know how


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