Exemplification Essay

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Kandace Gordon
Exemplification Essay

Another minor dispute has escalated into yelling and screaming, throwing of objects and breaking of hearts. Words that shouldn’t be expressed between two loving people cause tears and feelings of hatred, anger and disrespect. This is just one of many problems that could have been effortlessly resolved before the mole hill grew to the size of Mt. Everest but of course walking away from the situation isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If she only turned her back away from the quarrel and began her journey in the opposite direction she wouldn’t be roaming the streets at 3 AM trying to find some place warm and safe to sleep; she wouldn’t be carrying a duffle bag with enough clothes to last her a
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Feet tired, too hungry and the odor similar to that of the city dump nauseating each sense whenever a breezy wind passes by. Not having a safe and steady place to lay every night causes exhaustion to take over, leaving nothing more than a tear-stained, dirt-harbored face. There’s no more money to buy food and those friends who promised to always be there can no longer sneak you in and out of their house in fear of being caught. The time comes when one man’s car looks too warm and comforting and he promises a safe haven, everything needed for survival at that very moment: a bed to sleep in, a hot shower to bathe in and food to eat. The fact that you’re gay no longer plays a factor in this decision. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Regardless of the fact this is a complete stranger, and everything that glitters isn’t gold, why not take a chance? A month goes by and prostitution has become a part of everyday living. Strolling, or working the streets isn’t a factor, however, having sex with some random guy and his friends to keep living in a home where there is food every night, clothes, showers and a comfortable bed isn’t that bad of an arrangement when there’s no one trustworthy to turn to, and no other place to go. Turning to drugs such as marijuana and alcohol to erase this pain temporarily is the only thing left to occupy the time that should be spent doing homework and going to class. After going against all beliefs and standards has made it impossible


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