Shared Governance and Retention

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Does Shared Governance Improve Nursing Retention?
La Quinta Roberts
Kaplan University
NU499 Bachelor’s Capstone in Nursing
Natasha Zurcher, MSN/ED, RN, CPN
April 6, 2014


The global nursing shortage has prompted health care systems to seek new strategies to attract and retain nurses. The growing evidence points to the shared governance model of management are as a possible strategy to improve productivity, nurse job satisfaction and nurse retention. There are different models of shared governance, but a clear relationship exists between nurse practice environment and higher retention rates. Research found long hours, and unsupportive practice
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Job satisfaction and retention is a true by product of shared governance. Research has been done on nurse satisfaction in a Magnet hospital versus a non- Magnet hospitals. Results suggest that working in a Magnet designated facility does not mean nurses perceive better working conditions, although it has been found to be a factor in retention”(Trinkoff et al, 2010,p. 313). Andersons’(2011) study used the Index of Professional Nursing Governance Survey (IPNG) to measure weather a true form of shared governance is in place, found nurses had a higher level of satisfaction in the Shared governance environment.(p.3) The nurses who answered the survey gave significantly higher scores for job satisfaction, and empowerment. Evaluation and outcomes of shared governance has to be revelent so the IPING was developed. This tool is advocated for use to measure the quality of participation and utilization of the shared governance models. Utilizing this tool periodically, highlight areas of weakness that may be focused on for correction. Shared governance is a process and not a destination and there are evidenced based determinants of nurse satisfaction. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (n.d.) cited Magnet hospitals were reported by nurses as good places to work had low turnover and vacancy rates” (p.1) The factors for enhanced retention


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