Educating Special Needs Students

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Educating Special Needs Students
Katy J. Kaldenberg
Grand Canyon University: SPE-226 Educating the Exceptional Learner
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Educating Special Needs Students It can be a difficult task to teach the typical child who has the ability to grasp concepts effectively. The task of teaching children with disabilities can be even more challenging. One of the most challenging tasks that a teacher today may have to preform is effectively teaching children with disabilities. There are several types of disabilities a child may have including but not limited to intellectual disability, autism, severe disabilities, and multiple disabilities.
Intellectual Disability According
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Severe and Multiple and Severe Disabilities Multiple disabilities are just that; a combination of more than one disability. Severe disabilities are any disability that has a significant interference on education whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). A child with a sever disability may develop more slowly than their peers may (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). Characteristics of severe disabilities include impairments in speech, language, and perceptual-cognitive deprivations, have abnormal behavior, and have extremely fragile physiological conditions (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). Most causes of severe disabilities are identified before, during, or after birth and are biological (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). Some of these causes include abnormal brain development or brain damage, chromosomal abnormalities, genetic or metabolic disorders, complications of pregnancy, infectious diseases, malnutrition, and drug/alcohol abuse (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). A child with a sever disability or multiple disabilities will need many supports to be successful in their educational pursuits (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). Some of these supports may include shortening assignments, using visual supports, adaptive technology, and differentiating instruction (Grand Canyon


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