Personal Mission

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Personal Mission

Ashlee McGrady
Grand Canyon University
SPE 330 Special Education Foundations and Framework
July 28, 2011

Personal Mission Each person has their own idea or thoughts on things. You may think that it is silly to live in the country so far from the city while I may think it is silly to live in crowded city. The same goes for perspective educators; each individual has their own opinion of what it is going to be like to become a teacher and what their classroom is going to be like before they have completed their first educational class. As time passes and classes are taken, those preconceived thoughts can have a way of changing your future expectations. Views
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There are also standards for the educators. Learning that the requirements for the actual educator are important because I need to know and understand what I have to do to become highly qualified. I knew prior to this course that I would need to become licensed in order to teach and that I may have to take the Praxis test. After reading our articles I know that I am going to need to look into my particular state and determine what testing I will need after I acquire my license through Arizona. I did not realize that special educators had their standards broken down so thoroughly. The break down puts into perspective how involved this job really is. Special educators have to understand different approaches to learning, utilizing different instructional strategies, understanding individuals and their behaviors, and understand informal and formal assessments. These are just a few parts to the standards that special educators have to be aware of. I did not realize how much there really was to educating special needs children, but having the breakdown of the standards has provided me with an in depth understanding of what my future job will require of me.
Getting a closer look into the field of special education is important for my future. My mission is become a highly qualified educator that has a factual knowledge base of the professional and educational standards and utilizes these tools to my benefit to educate the whole child.


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