Ethical Culture Analysis

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Javier Sprella
Ethics & Business Professional
Professor Kenny
23 July 2010
Ethical Culture Analysis My ethical culture analysis will be on the company Waste Management. While researching companies for this analysis, I found that as of 2009, Waste Management is in the top 99 most ethical companies in the world ( I already have interest in this company because one of my best friend’s father, Robert Biggs, is the chief financial officer for Waste Management’s Northeast division. His parents have always been like a second family to me. Robert Biggs came from nothing, worked his way up to CFO, and is very successful. Having said that, Waste Management has always been a company that interests me. I
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It is amazing how they have found a way to use waste to run their trucks. I hope that through more research and development they will be able to extend this to all of their diesel trucks. It would be another source of income as well for the company. They have a lot of possibilities with this new source of energy and I hope they are able to build upon it. Like most companies, Waste Management is not perfect. The workers are unionized which usually means there will be contract disputes and how they are handled will depend on the company more so because unions tend to not bend. In 2007, Oakland Waste Management Workers Union agreed to a new contract after a twenty-six day lockout that left customers with piles of garbage (Kuruvila). As usual, the dispute was over health care that ended up being preserved. The workers were on strike for almost a month in which garbage piled up in the area to a point where legal health issues were at stake and enormous pressure was on Waste Management. This is more business than ethics, but ethically a problem like that should not have gone on for such a long period of time. Waste Management should have come to terms more swiftly and been more proactive to resolve the dispute. In the end, it is their responsibility to pick up the trash.
By leaving it for so long, it made them act


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