Does the Media Dictate Our Life? Discuss

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To What Extent Does the Media Dictate our Life today?

For most people, the first thing that they do in the morning just after they wake up would be to check their Facebook. They will view all the notifications first before doing anything else. Such is the situation today where people are very dependent on Social media. Media can be classified into two main types old and new media. Where the old media consist mainly of newspaper while the new media consists of the television and the social media etc. While some may argue that Social media may not be dictating our lives, it is indeed true that it has taken control of our lives in many aspects from our behaviour, perceptions, culture, fashion and more. Thus I strongly believe that media
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Thus media plays a vital role in allowing people to understand their own culture and also embrace the culture in other countries

The media also plays a vital role in dictating peoples lives due to the fact that it is a platform for governments to spread messages to the public and it is also the platform for people to voice their opinions and raise awareness about the other political systems. Media serves as the basis through which governments may engage in propagation so as to brainwash people into believing that their ruling is the best and they could also influence people into believing that they are happy mainly through censorship where people are not aware of what is actually happening around them. An example pertinent to this would be what is happening in North Korea whether the government is engaging in propagation by controlling the censorship such that it decided what the people should view. During World War II the government decided to portray to the public to the image that the soldiers were doing well though in reality they were not doing very well. As a result, this led people having a false hope and belief that they were doing well and thus affecting their perception of what is happening around them. As a result, people were misinformed about the actual situation yet they were unaware of it as they had fully trusted what was shown in the media. Therefore, it is true that the media completely dictates people's


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