Developing Yourself and Others

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Aims and Objectives: • To analyse my own and one another member of my work team’s development needs and learning styles. • How to meet these development needs • Support mechanisms available and • How the development needs can be monitored

Self development is acquiring knowledge, discovering and improving skills. Identifying training required and acquiring it. Setting goals, planning for the future and keeping up to date with professional skills. This is led by yourself as opposed to employee development which is led by the employer. To be effective it should follow a set out plan. (BNet) • Define the purpose or reason for development • Identify the skills or areas that need development
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According to the scoring system, this means that Rita is quite confident in all skill areas and finds it easy to apply her skills in a variety of situations.

From the analysis of the results of Rita’s study skills audit we discovered that her strengths and weakness are as follows:

Strengths: • Team work • Problem solving • Information technology • Personal effectiveness • Numeracy

Weaknesses: • Communication reading • Communication oral

To become a more balanced learner Rita will need to work harder on her weaknesses by for eg., increasing or working on her qualities as an activist, Reflector and theorist • Try to be open to new experiences and challenges • Try to be more flexible to change and variety • Lean more towards situations where new ideas can be developed without constraints of policy and structure • Learn to reach a decision without pressure and tight deadlines • Learn to see interesting ideas and concepts even if they are not immediately relevant
Development options to meet development needs:

Rachel Graham:

My 2 top priority development needs are as follows in that order:

• Personal effectiveness • Numeracy
I could possibly attend a time and management course, time and availability


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