5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

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“The Five Levels of Leadership, Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential by John Maxwell”

A Book Review/Critique Presented to:
Attorney Araceli Linatoc

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in MPA 627
Leadership and Organizational Change

Lawrence Lerias
MPA Student

October 2013


About the Author, John Maxwell

Level 1: Position

Level 2: Permission

Level 3: Production

Level 4: People Development

Level 5: The Pinnacle/Personhood Level



The author of this book-The Five Levels of Leadership, Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential, John Maxwell, is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and
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A Leadership Position Means Authority Is Recognized – A positional leader can use the position given to him to legitimize his leadership and earn the right to lead his team.
A Leadership Position Is an Invitation to Grow as a Leader – The position given to a leader is a start for personal growth. To maintain that leadership position you must continually grow and travel the leadership journey.
A Leadership Position Allows Potential Leaders to Shape and Define Their Leadership. – A positional leader gets to start his journey with a blank page. He gets to choose the leadership style he wants to. John Maxwell teaches that leader must start by knowing himself and his values. When he knows this, he can define the type of leadership he would practice. Maxwell adds, “The greatest upside potential for people invited to take a leadership position is that it affords them the opportunity to decide what kind of leader they want to be. The position they receive may be defined, but they are not.”
He wrote further:
“When you first become a leader, your leadership page is blank and you get to fill it in any way you want. What kind of leader do you want to be? Don’t just become reactive and develop a style by default. Really think about it. Do you want to be a tyrant or a team builder? Do you want to come down on people or lift them up? Do you want to give orders or ask questions? You can develop whatever style you want as long as it is consistent with who you


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