Free People Marketing Plan

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Free People-Company report

Overall Store Profile

1.What type of store are you analyzing? (department, specialty, etc) what is the

stores image and does the merchandise fit the image?

1. Free people is an innovative specialty retail company which offers a variety of

lifestyle merchandise to highly defined customer niches in the United States Canada,

and Europe, catalogs and websites. Their stores are very sixties and seventies

inspired. Free People offers a merchandise mix of casual women’s apparel, shoes,

and accessories. The stores all have a bohemian style that is inspired by a casual

mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy and vintage elements. The stores are all very colorful

with vibrant and loud colors
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Based upon your analysis of the assortment carried in the category, determine

the “key item(s)”

The key item at Free People would be the open stitches crotchet pullover,

this item had five different colors. Crochet is said to be one of this seasons

hottest looks and the fall/winter runways were loaded with it.

(b) The ivory and burgundy pullover was on the front table paired with the

latest wide leg denim. The rest of the colors were put on a rack right next to

the table. Also, a mannequin right next to the table was wearing it with the

wide leg jeans, accessorized with a couple necklaces.

( c) The pullover is priced at one hundred and twenty eight dollars which is

very reasonable for a sweater at Free people. The pullover was on the cover

page of their September look book. It is also featured on their blog many

times as the most wanted item of the season.

9. Walk the permanent markdown areas.

a) The items were all on a rack all the way in the back of the store and

marked down with a red pen. Most of the items were marked down 40

percent off while some were on double markdown. Right away I was able to

differentiate the sale clothing with the new clothing. The new clothing was

merchandised in a neatly put together manner while the sale clothing was

just thrown on the racks, not


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