Curriculum Guides for Academic Interventions

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Curriculum Guides for Academic Interventions
Meghan Powell
Grand Canyon University <SPE 558>
March 27, 2013

Strategies used: Student Engagement & Peer-Assisted Learning (Center for Innovations in Education, 2006)
Educational Purpose:
Student Engagement:
To keep the student actively engaged will keep them away from having time to behave inappropriately (CISE, 2006). . It will also keep them from wanting to veer away from the educational activity. The key word here is actively. The goal or objective here is to engage the student actively, meaning we aren’t just keeping him/her busy, we are talking to them, asking questions, getting them to participate in the educational activity, as well as
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325, 2009).
Possible Interventions: We try to stay away from a reactive management style but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Rules need to be set right away in order for students to follow them and stay actively engaged. If there are ground rules set in place in the beginning and students are held to high expectations of following those rules, there should be no problem. But sometimes, there still is. If you have to change or stop the behavior after it has already started, make sure you and the other students stay safe. Get the other students out of the room or in another area where they cannot be harmed if this is the case. Talk calmly with the student who is acting inappropriately and ask them what they are feeling and how we can make it better. Once the student has calmed down and the environment is safe again, the other students may come back in. Giving them space and time to cool down is a great idea.
Student Assessment Procedures: To assess the students with the two flashcard tasks, keep a little notepad with you and mark down who seems to be getting all of the survival signs and sign language movements and which ones are struggling with what. This would be a great thing for a paraprofessional to do. Data collection is key information on what to teach the students next and who can move on or not. For the students who are having a harder time, with the survival signs especially, they may need to have a little bit of one on one time either


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