RTT1 Task 2

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RTT Task 1
Alisha Diehl
Western Governors University

RTT Task 1
Nursing-sensitive indicators are utilized in healthcare to increase quality patient care, as well as patient safety. They reflect the organization, procedure, and products of patient care. In the presented scenario involving Mr. J, nursing-sensitive indicators can be used to identify the issues that interrupted the flow of quality patient care.

Understanding Nursing-Sensitive Indicators
A solid understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators can assist the nurses in the case of Mr. J in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care. Knowledge of appropriate restraint use, as well as the care involved while caring for a patient in
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Another ethical issue that was encountered in this scenario was the development of a pressure ulcer and the use of restraints. The scenario does not indicate that the patient was combative, nor does it indicate if other methods were used prior to the initiation of restraints. As the nursing supervisor, I would ask the appropriate resources to audit the documentation, and analyze whether restraints were warranted in this situation. The ethics committee should also evaluate the situation.
The patient also developed a pressure ulcer on his lower back. Pressure ulcers can and should be prevented in the hospital setting. Turning and repositioning every two hours, proper and timely cleaning up of incontinent episodes, proper cushioning of bony prominences, and appropriate bed mattresses will prevent the development of pressure ulcers. As the nursing supervisor, I again would assess whether the patient was properly cared for using the above criteria. The ethics committee would also be appropriate to refer this case to. If necessary, I would work to arrange a training session to refresh the nurses’ knowledge of caring for a patient in restraints, as well as pressure ulcer prevention. A wound care nurse, if available, should be consulted to obtain her expert opinion on methods to reduce pressure ulcer formation in this


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