Culture Diversity in the Profession

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Culture Diversity in the Professon

I have to start this paper off with a confession. I had hand surgery a couple of years ago and had to become a lefty for several months. The experiment would have been harder I know if I would have not gone through this experience. I am not a lefty but had to live as a I can use my left hand to do more than the average right handed person. I have much appreciation for left handed people. The world is set up for right handed people. If you have to put in a light bulb you have to screw the light to the right. If you have to deal with anything mechanical you usually have to turn clockwise to insert and counter clockwise remove. I am a nurse and I had to learn to grasp really small objects such as
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I consider my old manager my second mother. This was the place where I let go of my belief that a lot of Caucasians were prejudice. I looked at people for more of their character. I am glad I got to have that experience. I made sure that my kids were in schools that had a good mixed of black and white. My daughter is a school system program that has multiple cultures and multiple races. She had an incident where she won a math contest and was asked by the teacher and the student not to show her award because she came in first. The student was foreign. I was very upset about this. My daughter explained to me that the young lady would be punished physically if she was not in first place. I was still upset and had every intention of reporting the teacher for suggesting my daughter hide the fact that she came in first. My daughter informed me that the young lady was her friend and she did not want her to get physically punished.
It is very important for companies to be aware that discrimination does exist and to educate employees about the difference in cultures and race relationship. A company that is diversified is a much stronger company. A company that has policies and procedures in place to do so has a much peaceful environment. Like the lecture says we must be aware that discriminations do exist. The key to solving any problem are preventing a problem is work on a solution and have guidelines to confront the issues head on. Companies do


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