Cultural Interview

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My cultural interview was with a coworker, 28 years of age and of Hispanic descent. While conducting the interview I learned a lot about the Hispanic culture. Many Hispanics like to be called Latino (a). Some do not like to be referred to as Mexican when they are from other countries other than Mexico. Hispanics also use slang within their culture just like African Americans. Within the culture the male is the dominant figure in the household. All the decisions that affect the family go through the father. If there is no father in the house, the oldest son fulfills that role. The older son may drop out of school so that they may assist the mother at the house in the absence of the father. Many Hispanics
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The younger generation feels you should be happy and it does not matter the ethnicity of the person. If they are involved in an interracial relationship then they gravitate more to one type of ethnicity. My interviewee stated that she dated mostly African Americans. She also stated that her family was a little reluctant to this situation, but eventually came around as long as she was happy. Even though one of her brothers was friends with the guy, he was also hesitant for her to date the African American guy. She stated when her brother really realized that she really like the guy he was okay with it. She stated her family was really only concerned with her happiness and well- being, thus making it okay to look past color. This culture believes in working for a living. Hispanics are hard workers and will do whatever it takes to supply their family needs. My interviewee stated that her father worked in a printing company and he has worked their since he was 17 years old. She stated her mother did not have to work, but instead stayed home and was a housewife. Hispanics have longitivity within their career. The common field for these workers is construction workers. Hispanic men are known to do jobs that involve manual labor, such as cutting lawns, automobile mechanic, or laying tile. The Hispanic women are known to do domestic type work,


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