Critical thinking

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The Significance of Critical Thinking Ability
In Terms of Education
Murat KARAKOÇ İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi Institute of Social Sciences, İstanbul, Turkey,

Abstract: This study explained critical thinking ability in terms of education processes and the importance of thinking critically for a student who attends any education programme. Developing the ability to think critically is an important element for modern education approaches and models. This study intends to give a framework on the concept of thinking critically while teaching or learning.this study is limited to the literary description of critical thinking subject. The world is getting both more technical and more complex day by day,
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. According to Critical Thinking Cooperation (2006) critical thinking is an ability which is beyond memorization. When students think critically, they are encouraged to think for themselves, to question hypotheses, to analyze and synthesize the events, to go one step further by developing new hypotheses and test them against the facts.
Questioning is the cornerstone of critical thinking which in turn is the source of knowledge formation and as such should be taught as a framework for all learning. Students are frequently conditioned in their approach to learning by experiences in teacher-centered, textbook-driven classrooms (Sharma & Elbow 2000). This situation is a disturbing case for contemporary educators, and for this reason they would rather choose the latest models and methods which are more effective in directing students to thinking.
2.5 Characteristics of a Critical Thinker
When we take a look to the definitions about critical thinking, approximately we can infer a general idea about the features of the individual who thinks critically. Critical thinking individuals are people who research, question, refuse the informations as it is, active, think analytically and


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