Critical Thinking Regarding the Book Blink

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Critical thinking is defined as purposeful, reflective judgment that manifests itself in giving reasoned and fair-minded consideration to the evidence, conceptualizations, methods, contexts, and standards in order to decide what to believe or what to do (Facione, 2011). I believe that Malcolm Gladwell is trying to tell readers of Blink that critical thinking can be done in just a few short minutes. “What is Blink about? It’s a book about rapid cognition, about the kind of thinking that happens in the blink of an eye.“ (Gladwell, 2005). You don’t need to take hours or days to do it. We have always been told that spending time to gather all the information is better, but is that necessarily true? Blink has several stories in it where we see …show more content…

Now sometimes many people skip the critical thinking step. Words just blurt out of their mouth unexpectedly and can be hurtful or surprising. This is called a “mind-blind” moment. “A moment when conditions are so stressful or confusing that your actions seem to be the result of temporary autism” (Gladwell, 2005). For me I have a huge case of “mind-blindness” when in the heat of the moment. It is easy for me to blurt out hurtful things or even just say something that you wouldn’t normally say to someone. One day while I was working returns a guest approached me with such a bad attitude. I was trying to explain the return policy to them regarding the item they had with no receipt. The guest was not happy with what I had explained the return policy was so I decided that I needed to call a manager over. When the manager came over I was starting to explain the situation and the guest told me to “shut my mouth,” but with a few bad words thrown in there. Then the guest proceeded to tell me to leave him and the manager to talk alone and at that point I said “no sir, I will not, I am going to stand here to not only see the outcome, but also your version.” Well that is exactly not how you handle yourself, especially when you work up at guest service. Luckily, I didn’t get in trouble since my manager could see the how upsetting the guest was. So I do believe that a “mind-blind” moment


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