Crisis Management Plan

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Crisis Management Communication Plan
There are unquestionably infinite configurations of crisis situations to be prepared for, real or imagined. Unsurprisingly, the surge of zombies in mainstream society has granted credibility to an idea that a zombie apocalypse might manifest. The proliferation associated with this unique theory has encouraged scores of citizens to contemplate, “How do I ready for a zombie apocalypse?”
Even though zombies are hype, they effortlessly link within our imagination of disaster and emergency preparedness as seen in the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention advertising maneuver in 2011. The agency trusted it to be an excellent stimulus to get the public to pull together for an emergency. One must be
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In major disasters, the incident is so shattering that both the sense of what is occurring and the means to rebuild that sense collapse simultaneously” (CDC, 2011).
Stress management techniques to consider implementing during a disaster is submitting timely information for public consumption. Providing relevant information in times of crisis is an important stress reducer. Understanding what has taken place is paramount. During a crisis, the speed of a response is a critical factor in reducing stress. In the absence of information, people speculate and fill in the blanks, often resulting in rumors and tall tales. “Messages should be simple, specific to the emergency being experienced and offer a positive course of action that can be executed; [information must be]…credible, consistent and prompt” (CDC, 2011). Remedies for stress incorporate social support. Talking to close friends or coworkers and receiving feedback is a form of emotional release that can allow people to work through feelings and make sense of the experience. Social support can aid the process of putting a traumatic experience into context “reducing the stress by externalizing negative emotions by providing a sounding board and tangible encouragement” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011). Stress management therapy is intended to lessen the intensity of the stressor and the stress response. Visualization offer tools to direct one’s concentration


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