The Effect of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

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The Effect of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

Dr. Toi Dennis

Elaine Stewart

SOC 300: Sociology of Developing Countries

May 4, 2014

Introduction Afghanistan is a developing country; the country faced many difficulties soon after its independence. They faced difficulties in the development of their constitution and regulations. The selection of a leader was an issue and the first major task was to prepare a military for the defence and protection of the state. In order to resolve all these issues, finances became a priority. Despite having several problems, the country is gradually upgrading. Numerous countries supported Afghanistan in terms of finance, but
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International monetary fund accounts for twelve percent; but later the term of grants increased from twelve to twenty-five percent. This raise in rate occurred in between 1970s to 1980s because of the arrival of Afghani refugees. The refugees migrated from their homeland in search of food, status, and a luxurious life style. Government borrowed money to rehabilitate them. Later, the new government reduced the rate by eight percent in the fiscal year of 1992. After the Middle Eastern States, The United States of America donated much of the money to Afghanistan because America is considered a dominant super power that has a responsibility to assist developing countries in order to maintain peace (Gariga & Philips, 2013). United States donated millions of dollars to Afghanistan in 1980 for that specific reason. Use of Foreign Aid by Afghan Administration Economic prosperity is defined as success and richness of any state due to its high standards of work, efficient labour, productive workforce, high value of money, and employment opportunities. Nowadays, economic growth is directly proportional to the health status of the people and the educational standards. Economy is not a matter of government; it is a combined effort where citizens, public, common people, and government officials works wholeheartedly to serve the entire nation. Health is important because a healthy mind and perfect


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