Measuring Crime

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Measuring Crime in the United States
Kyra Pettit
August 5, 2013
Dr. Wafeeq Sabir

Measuring Crime in the United States
In the following paper, these criminal justice students will address the three major points of crime measurement in the United States. Even though there may be changes of crime statistics, but not changes in the crime rate; that is because crime can be measured in numerous ways. Two measuring systems being the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), report criminal information, but do not reflect it all. Because of the different factors that go into reporting crime some crimes go unreported. Instruments
Crime is measured through statistics in the United States.
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The relation to property crime and serious crime rate is not directly related to the population but more closely related to the economy. The recession of the twenty second century created a rise in street crime and property crimes. Most of the population relates to the deviance of society in reference to street crimes rape, murder, and homicide but do not take in to account the white collar crimes caused by un safe work related deaths, malfunctioning goods that cause serious harm, or theft of monies by companies that misrepresent advertised weights and measures of goods that fall short to the consumer. Many white collar crimes continue to affect victims long after settlements through the court system but data systems fall short in reporting the long term conditions of the victims. Law enforcement can be deficient when the law enforcement officer has the capability to decide to arrest or clear an individual. For an example, a police officer may be out on a speed trap and decides not to give a person speeding a ticket but just a verbal warning due to apathy the officer may miss an opportunity to make an arrest.
Recidivism is criminal activity that results in the rearrests, reconviction, or the return to prison within a three year period following the release of a prisoner. According to the National Institute of Justice (2008) recidivism is a core concern of the criminal justice system. Many times once


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