Motivation at Monarch Supply Company: a Case Study

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Case Analysis
MGT 390
Kelly Dengler
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Introduction: The major issue that is concerning Monarch Supply Company is that seems to be a rather large disconnect between the employees working in the field sales department and the inside sales department which is causing a number of problems for the company, and jeopardizing their sustainable competitive advantage of other firms. The field sales department is regarded by most as being the backbone of the company due to the vast engineering background all employees are required to have and the extensive interactions they have with the customers. The field sales department are all paid strictly on a commission basis with the salary ranging anywhere from
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* The Field Sales force blames the Inside Sales representatives because they are not as motivated or qualified to do the job. * Field Sales employees see themselves as the only employees that count, and that the Inside Sales representatives’ sole job is to assist and support them in whatever they need. * Field Sales employees are overly confident/cocky in their abilities to perform tasks due to the fact that they more qualified and have been with the company longer. Whenever a mistake is made, they just assume it has to be from the Inside Sales side of the business. * Employees working in the Inside Sales department complain that Field Sales representatives are always bugging them about certain tasks, and that when something goes wrong in the Field Sales department, they immediately storm into the Inside Sales office yelling about losing company credibility. * Inside sales employees are becoming less motivated to do work mainly due to the fact that whenever there is a dispute between the two sides, the Inside Sales manager always sides with the Field Sales. * Management in both departments also blame one another and are not doing anything productive to reach a resolution and set a good example for their employees.
Diagnosis: The root cause of the various problems Monarch Supply Company has been facing is the large gap in


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