Creating a Social Program

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Final Project: Creating a Social Program (HSM/240)
Larry Calhoun Jr.
Axia College of University of Phoenix

The program that I chose to create is a community service program for adolescent girls with addiction problems, which will be called Calhoun Community Services, Inc. “ According to Community Support Service, LLC, (2010), a community support service is an agency committed to providing quality family style residential services. There is a strong belief that individuals who are currently institutionalized or placed in group home settings can better benefit from a private home placement. Community Support Service is founded on the belief that a person can achieve desired goals with the assistance of support systems. At
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We feel that this is the correct decision because if there is too much contact with the parent or guardian it would definitely be hard for the consumer to comply with the rules of the organization.
Eligibility Rules “Eligibility rules are the most important vehicle for rationing benefits and services.” (Chambers & Wedel, 2005). Our eligibility rules consist of mainly one aspect; the parent or guardian has to be receiving Medicaid for the youth. Without having eligibility rules it would be hard to meet the unmet needs of the consumer and their families.
Service Delivery We at Calhoun Community Services believe that the best way to deliver our services is the Case Management delivery service. “One strategy for solving integration and coordination problems in the complex system for service and benefit delivery is the system we chose. Case management relies on settling the responsibility for organizing and delivering services and benefit packages on a single person; the case manager. This practitioner must assess consumer need, plan for provision of services and benefits to meet those needs, and identify and acquire commitments from other organizations and service providers to deliver those services and benefits for a whole range of consumer needs. This can range from constant monitoring for quality to


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