Creating Your Dream Job

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Creating Your Dream Job
Tanishia Skipper
Denise Frevert
Human Resource Management
December 2, 2012

Create a job description and specifications for your dream job. My dream job would be a fashion buyer (you may know it as apparel buyer). I have always love high end fashion. As a child I would go into my mom’s closet and dress myself with her jewelry, pumps and different high end clothes. My mother always had different designer closes and shoes. I do believe that is where I began to love fashion because she would always dress very stylish. I grew to love to dress other people and show them how to put stuff together. My sisters would come and ask me what looked good together and what did not. By the time that I was 18 I would
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The benefits package that I have in mind for the salary would be in the six figures because it will depend on where you live. Being in the state of New York and being in the state that is known as the fashion capital of the world, you are able to make more money there. Because of the travel and having to be away from home sometimes weeks at a time you have to have medical, dental and life insurance. The medical and dental insurance because you are all over the world and dealing with different nationalities and you need to be able to stay healthy so that you are able to do your job. The dental insurance is needed because if you have to speak to people you need to have a nice smile and your breath have to be fresh. You cannot go and talk to people with your breath and teeth that are not presentable. After getting research from the which is a career website for employers, it stated that being in the state of New York you are able to make over $130,000.00 per year. This site also states that this industry does offer medical, dental, life and 401k benefits.
Imagine this is the only position of its kind in the organization. From this perspective, design a performance appraisal program to assess your job performance. The performance for a fashion buyer would be 1. Employee Details 2. Key duties/responsibilities of a Fashion Buyer 3. Key Result Areas (KRA) of a Fashion Buyer 4. Job objectives of a Fashion Buyer


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