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Running Header: Assignment 1: To Organize or Not to Organize?

The Mercedes-Benz U.S. International (MBUSI) is located in Vance, Alabama employs over 4,000 people. This organization has created thousands of others jobs by association in the area and has contributed billions of dollars of other commerce do to its presence in Alabama. This company’s story began in Alabama in 1997. It began producing only one model and after such a great response to the vehicle it increased its production with other models in 2004. Since the inception of the organization into the state there has been only one layoff. Employees make some of the highest wages in Alabama at this organization. There are generous bonus packages and vacations. MBUSI
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They will be a supportive contact throughout a member’s enrollment to ensure that retain employment and receives satisfactory treatment in the arena of wages, equality, benefits, and protections.

Purpose: to make positive changes in the treatment.

Objective statement: The union will overcome the boundaries through negotiations with organizational representatives and develop a presence for members.

4. Outline the components you would need to take to start a union and sketch ideas for each step of the process.
According to, there are several steps to starting a union. The preliminary step would be to allocate as many employees as possible. After doing so, it would be best to have discussions about the interests of having a union and the changes that they would like to see happen. Employees should be informed about the benefits and the costs of having a union. This should be well understood before contacting a larger group to represent the workers. At this point, the best sketched idea to complete the formulation would be to have small group sessions to discuss the issues that are most pressing. The second component of this section would be to build a committee out of this group. There would need to be a member to represent the population of that type of work. Representative should be from varying


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