Consumer Generated Advertising

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Consumer Generated Advertising in Today’s Marketing World

March 29, 2011

With the increasing development of technology, advertising has changed significantly. These changes force organizations to adapt and embrace new concepts. The traditional way of advertising put all the control in the businesses hands although now this control shifted to the consumers. ‘Consumers are now creating their own ads for the brands they love and hate, using inexpensive software and powerful personal computers, and then distributing these via social networks such as YouTube’ (Peter Steyn, 2010). Consumer generated advertising is centered on what individuals, that consume a product or service, relay about their experience. Therefore these
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All they have to do is send their ideas in, so companies get ideas from places they would not normally go for them. Also with this they may reach a demographic or group that they would not normally reach because of the diversity. Consumer generated advertising also increases the ties between companies and consumers. When consumers are able to send in their ideas they feel like they have an impact and they also feel like they have more ownership with the brand. Companies can use consumer generated advertising to see how passionate consumers are about your brand because the more people you have participating in the advertising the stronger the brand is. If a company gets no responses for an attempt at consumer generated advertising then they know that the brand has not achieved loyalty in the consumer’s eyes.
Advertising is ever changing in relation to the way humans view and use different sources of media. As the focus of attention switches from one trend to another in society so does the way that marketers choose to advertise. The trend can be actively followed dating back to when newspaper and radio ads were both prevalent and abundant, switching to magazines and television, followed by the internet and web age(where we currently are), and into the new, fast growing era of smartphones and PDA’s. Advertising is now becoming more personal and direct to the audience it is intended. This is accomplished by generating


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