Consumer Behaviour : Sony Playstation3

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Consumer Behaviour Assignment -2012-13

PlayStation 3

Rahul Pandit
M.A. Advertisement & Marketing

CONTENT No. | Particulars | Pg.No. | 1. | Company Introduction. | | 2. | Product Introduction. | | 3. | The Perceptual Process. | | 4. | Attitude; The Functional Theory Of Attitudes. | | 5. | Need & Behaviour; Need Recognition Process. | | 6. | Conclusion. | |

Company Introduction

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It's one of the biggest multinationals in the world, which is raked 87 in the Fortune Global 500 latest 2012 list (Sony, 2012).
It manufactures, develops, designs and sells a wide range of products and
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By showing the grandmother constantly watching Blu-ray movies, they have also made it quite clear that PlayStion3 is not just for the kids but for the entire family. This creates a sagacity of bonding between family and an advancement in technology. In the next one, Sony has gathered all the heroes from illustrious video games. They give their tribute to 'Michael' who is a common PlayStation3 user. This way Sony adds a sense of achievement for the loyal consumers by showing their heroes are appreciating them.
Later comes the stage of Interpretation. Interpretation simply means deciding what things mean, it refers to the meaning that people assign to sensory stimuli (Solomon et. al., 2012).
Sony has redesigned PlayStation3 thrice and the latest version weighs just 2.1 kilograms and is the slimmest of all. The users are really fascinated by this new shape and design (Rivington, 2010). The consumers are captivated by the unparallel graphic realism, HDMI outputs for high-end/future television and incredible gaming supremacy (, 2005). Moreover, PlayStation3 controller, the DualShock3 increases the user utility and convenience with its Bluetooth wireless and automatic charging mode when connected through the USB. The SIXAXIS technology senses every move and the responsive buttons react to each touch efficiently. In addition, seven users can connect and play at a


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