Pepsi Refresh Case Anlaysis (with Professor Comments)

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Pepsi Refresh Project Case Analysis

Problem Definition

Should Pepsi continue the Pepsi Refresh Project? If so, how should the marketing strategy and execution be changed to use the project’s success to drive Pepsi sales?

Decision Alternatives ( add a bit more detail with each alternative)

1. Discontinue the Pepsi Refresh Project and use the funds for advertising again. 2. Continue the project as it was originally intended. 3. Continue the project with less commitment and a different purpose.


Pepsi brand originated in 1898 as a hand mixed carbonated drink sold at a pharmacy
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They played a main role in making sure the community projects were in-line with the intended project vision.

Internal employee support was garnered with an employee resource group contest that gave the winning idea a $10,000 grant. There was a lot of internal participation and support with many employees participating because they liked the project concept. Of the 41,000 employees, 25% said they would submit ideas and 97% said the project reinforced their pride in PepsiCo. Support from management was displayed by having the winner announced by the CEO Nooyi at a special Town Hall meeting.

Bottler partners’ support was acquired with a bottler grant contest bottlers were given information and winner and press kits to help promote the contest. Bottlers support was crucial since they were the front line in stores and communities. Not all bottlers thought this project would translate to more sales.

The Pepsi refresh Program was started nationally on January 13, 2010. The intent of the program was to elevate the brand not drive sales. Activities to promote it included a brainstorming session posted on the Pepsi Facebook page that had brought together actors, college students, the CMO and an advisory board member to discuss ideas that would fit the themes of the contest. Pepsi also used twitter, Ustream, & an Iphone app to connect to the session.

One of the hardest things for Pepsi to