The Kite Runner and King Lear Comparative Essay

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The Kite Runner and King Lear Comparative Essay Families play a large role in our world. Sometimes families keep you together but at other times they can tear you apart. The subject of family is a major theme in Khaled Hosseini's extraordinary novel, The Kite Runner and Shakespeare’s well-known tragedy, King Lear. In both of these writings, family is a constant theme that occurs throughout both works of literature. Family relationship is often expressed through the actions of the characters and by what they say. Although Shakespeare’s well-known tragedy, King Lear, has father figures, they do not act very fatherly. Khaled Hosseini’s fiction novel, The Kite Runner has better father figures. This can be proven by examining the different …show more content…

King Lear demands to know how much his daughters love him. He uses his power to do wrong, as one can see “Which of you shall we say doth love us most That we our largest bounty may extend Where nature doth with merit challenge” (Shakespeare, I.i.52-53). King Lear does not love his daughters equally and he is constantly cursing his daughters “Dowered with our curse and stranged with our oath” (Shakespeare, I.i.206). Lear abuses his power and he banishes his youngest daughter. Unlike King Lear, Baba does not take advantage of his power and authority. Baba uses his power for good “The young woman’s husband suddenly stood up and did something I’d seen many others do before him: He kissed Baba’s hand” (Hosseini 124). This shows one that people respect Baba and that he uses his power and authority for good. Furthermore, Baba is portrayed heroically throughout the novel and is always helping people in need. Although Shakespeare's well-known tragedy, King Lear has some good father figures at times, Khaled Hosseini's extraordinary fiction novel, The Kite Runner has better father figures. Father figures are all around us. What makes a father figure good is how well compassion, acceptance and power are shown. Although the answers vary, father figures don't always have to be perfect. They make mistakes as well but everyone does and that's what makes us human. The father figures in both of these writings demonstrate that sometimes love can be expressed in


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