Imatron Case Analysis

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Imatron Case Analysis
By Team Synergy
Problem Identification The Remote Imaging Division (RID) of Imatron is responsible for the development of a satellite camera to monitor environmental threats for the U.S. government. This project is of tremendous significance because it will provide future technology and profitability for Imatron. The project has a strict schedule to meet in regards to the requirements or else penalties will be placed on the company if the deadlines are not met. There appears to be conflicts of intra-group dynamics within the team as well as individual cooperation differences. The differences of opinion between Lovas and Bennett have become hostile and have alienated others within the group. The bitter
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The clear winner was Lovas’s honeycomb structure which withstood the vibration in the testing lab. However, Pinto is facing a tough decision of whether the honeycomb structure is feasible to meet the criteria for Satera. Unfortunately, it was deemed too heavy and would need further expertise. The second objective that Gary Pinto must fulfill is altering the honeycomb design to one that meets Satera’s criteria. Pinto can only accomplish this through sufficient help of his team. Pinto should look to the team’s expertise and notice that Bennett has an expertise towards innovative ideas and may be able to come up with a way to make the honeycomb design lighter to fulfill the necessary requirements. Gary Pinto can use both Ira Lovas and David Bennett to their full potentials by having them work together to complete a well-rounded support structure for the imaging system. The issue at hand is getting Lovas and Bennett to cooperate. Gary Pinto can gain success for this project by sitting down Lovas and Bennett to explain to them both through the techniques of supportive communication. This technique of supportive communication will explain what each individual brings to the table and how it can benefit the team as a whole. He can describe Lovas’s superb design and then explain the issues with the support structure being too heavy. Pintos can then turn to Bennett and describe his strengths of innovation and ambition, then