Unit 4 worksheet

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Student Name: Patience Smith
After completing the readings, answer the following questions:
1. Describe and the biological and psychological factors that contribute to crime and deviance within our society today. There are many factors that suggest that abnormal human traits tend to lead someone to the life of crime. The trait theories are divided into two groups – biological makeup and psychological ideals. The biological makeup tends to say that they the physical and mental makeup of someone tends to make them either lead a life of crime or know the difference. Cesare Lombroso studied “scientific” factors of crime and came up with some very interesting theories about the mental/physical aspects of criminal traits and activities.
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4. How does the difference between MZ and DZ twins relate to criminal behavior? The studies on twins show that approximately 50 percent of criminal behavior is inheritable. Self control is a hugely inheritable trait and is very easily detected in twins. Genetic influences are stronger for offenders who have already been criminally active. These criminal traits begin at a very early age (some times as early as 3 years old) and the genetic influences are persistent and very severe. These traits have very un-emotional results with mean and nasty attitudes. There is a lack of remorse in these individuals. The identical twins will have very similar ways as related to crime where the fraternal twins will be much more different. MZ twins will be much more similar in criminal activities and social interactions or lack of social interactions and the DZ twins are less likely to be the same in criminal activity.

5. What the 3 primary sources of aggressive acts? Behavior modeling is the process where violence is learned. The three principle sources are 1) family interactions, 2) environmental experiences, and 3) mass media. The family interactions is where an aggressive child has learned his actions from his aggressive parents. Environmental experiences are areas where violence occurs daily such as the low-income areas, or an area with a lot of


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