Compare and Contrast Two Ads

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Advertisements in Technology
Leo Burnett, a famous advertising executive, states that “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief (” How effective an advertisement is in getting the new company and its products and services to the world can be measured with the publicity of products that Dell Incorporation has provided. It has not been a long time since the Dell Incorporation was first founded. Dell Incorporation was founded in 1984 and since then, through the medium of advertisement communication, it has been able to sell its every product worldwide. The products that Dell Incorporation sells would not have reached every corner of the world if it had
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This feature is especially made to attract online shoppers as they can save money on shipping when they buy products online. Another feature that is in the laptop advertisement is price tag, which shows that one can save ($344) if he/she takes advantage of this limited offer and it can be a plus point to attract customers who are always looking for such huge savings on the products they buy. On the contrary, the desktop advertisement does not offer as much attracting deals as the laptop advertisement. The desktop advertisement does not mention any financing and free shipping offers on the products they sell. Instead, the company provides the same desktop computer in a range of colors to attract a wide variety of people. Some people tend to be very careful in choosing the desire color of the product they buy and considering this fact, the advertiser agency has tried to allure these ranges of people. Besides, the advertisers of desktop computer have included many good reasons for why customers should buy desktop computers, which can definitely give a positive vibe to the customers to think once more about the desktop computer before they decide to buy laptop computers. Unlike the laptop advertisement, the desktop advertisement shows the company’s logo to let customers know about the identity and reputation of the company.
On the whole, both advertisements are equally enticing to customers in terms of the target audiences they appeal. However, if I had to


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