How Does Macbeths Character Change?

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How Does Macbeth’s Character Change over the Play?
At the beginning of the play, Macbeth’s character starts off as a loyal and brave soldier, who is admired by many people. Throughout the play, however, it is evident that his character and the personality of his character change a lot. There are many aspects that changed his character. What the witches said to him I think changed him the most. Before the witches spoke to him, he didn’t think of what it would be like to be king, or any of the other things, but because the first prediction came true, it led him to believe all the others would as well. The witches are what started him off thinking of how powerful he could become. Obviously his wife talked him into it, but without what the
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Macbeth does question whether murdering Duncan is the right thing to do, because he is a loyal subject to Duncan, a fellow Scotsman, and he is also Duncan’s host that evening. Lady Macbeth is the person that persuades him to commit regicide. Without Lady Macbeth there, he probably wouldn’t have done it, so it shows that he listens to his wife. He does say “We will proceed no further in this business” when he is having doubts about killing him, because he knows what it could lead to if anyone found out, and he is supposed to be trusted by Duncan as well. Macbeth doesn’t really want to murder his king, and he doesn’t want to become a bad person, this makes him feel guilty. Lady Macbeth manages to persuade Macbeth to murder Duncan, and he goes to do the deed. He then goes on to say, “Is this a dagger which I see before me” and at that point he has made his mind up about the murder, and he knows he is going to do it. This is showing that he is starting to turn into a bloodthirsty person, and is starting to go mad.
After murdering Duncan, Macbeth turns into a remorseless and immoral man He even murders his best friend. This is showing that he will do anything to get what he wants. His relationship with his wife has now deteriorated as shown by his refusal to tell Lady Macbeth that he has murdered Banquo. He does show guilt and shame however, and this is shown when we see Banquos ghost. When he was


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