Size Zero Models

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In the present day scenario, I find it quite apparent that all fashion trends mainly target women. I have witnessed that be it big brands like Versace, D&G, and Gucci or a local brand such as Primark, everyone wants their media agencies to hire models that are size zero and very few brands have slightly bigger sized women to endorse their product.

Seemingly when the question comes to sanction a new product or a new launch arises, the media supports size zero models thus influencing the designers creations. While browsing through various fashion magazines I found that the media agrees with Rosalind Coward’s statement, “The ‘perfect’ female body would be between five foot eight, long-tregged, tanned and vigorous
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To help her argument she has written about women’s personal experiences with the discrimination that they face on a daily basis and how to live without the fear and shame of their weight. Unlike in the media, where every women seen is a size zero and has gone through several bodily changes to become that way.

Authors, Coward (1984), Straight (2005), Wykes & Gunter (2005), and Frost (2005) claim that women feel threatened with the size zero models shown in the media and agreed with above mentioned statement proving the evidence found was accurate. Even though these authors were in sync with one another, in contrast Cooper (1998) held a completely different view. He was of the opinion that if a woman was plus sized, she should not be ashamed of herself and should accept herself just the way she is.


After giving a serious thought to the methodology that I should take up for my project, I decided to read and consult numerous books. I referred to Rosalind Coward’s - Female desire ; women’s sexuality today, Benjamin A Straight’s - The Two Finger Diet and Maggie Wykes and Barrie Gunter’s - The Media and Body Image. After a detailed reading and browsing numerous websites, I came up with the idea of drafting set of questionnaire for my subjects i.e. people of three different age groups. Questions I asked were


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