Comparative Corrections Systems

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Unit 5 Assignment
Sumitra Kendall
CJ522: Comparative Correctional Systems
Dr. Lowery
April 21, 2015

When you are imprisoned in an Africa prison the sectors can be over-crowded and dirty. The budget in this country is pretty non-existing resulting inadequate food for everyone, personal hygiene for example, little or no clothing. These prisons did not have access to soap, shampoo or any comforts they were used to prior to going to school.
Throughout the continent you will find it’s not consistent, there are different opinions people may have when it comes to bringing up the subject of “Human Rights”. Critics from the country believe “they did the crime so they must do the time” why should we care about the treatment in the
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This contributes to the rise of inmates having HIV/AIDS and if they do not die in prison this disease is transferred into society. Often inmates rape to transmit the disease and some inmates commit suicide to escape daily sexual assaults mostly juveniles. While you can still see your typical violent beatings/murders and health issues other global prisons face, the statistics of rape and corruption is ridiculous.
There is no justification for the inhumane conditions these inmates live in, their society doesn’t see a huge problem because of the shortage of money, food, and basic living that face them. These prisoners have a roof over their head at least one meal a day, they do not have to worry if they will be on the streets. Why should inmates have more rights than the people of Africa who don’t commit crime to live? This is one of the issues maintaining support from the country this is why other countries have been brought in to help deal with the problems without biased. The information regarding the health situation has risen immensely now guards have been affected resulting in a shortage staff. They are afraid for their families and the facilities do not have the funding to keep them safe and drugs are not readily available to maintain the symptoms. In addition to HIV/AIDS there are the threat of malnutrition and diseases resulting from lack of sanitation. This alone has been responsible for more than hundreds of deaths and to prevent this is


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