Courts Strategy

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1. Business Overview

Courts PLC began expanding in the 1960s and had outlets in more than 9 countries.
Courts was first established in Singapore in 1974 and in Malaysia 13 years later. In the early 2000s we saw the bankruptcy of Courts PLC where subsidiaries were sold to investors to repay the debts. Courts Asia Limited (Courts) was later independently formed and it is now a leading retailer in Southeast Asia for Furniture, Electrical
Appliances and IT Products.
Courts Asia is predominantly understood to be a retailer of home appliances and IT products. But unlike normal retailers which earns a profit by simply selling technological products in its stores, Courts Asia’s income stream is markedly different as they focuses on
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With “Electronic and appliances” being 4526.49 and “Home furnishings” bring 6467.09. From this, we can infer that the competition rate for home furnishing is actually lower in comparison to the electronic industry in Singapore. We will be coming back into Courts Product Differentiation; home furnishing in the later part of the report (Calculation on Table 5)

Electronic and Appliances trends in Singapore
Slower economic growth dampens consumer


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