Genesis World View Essay

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Andrew Rosenbaum
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Bible 105-001
September 18, 2013
Genesis 1-11 Essay

What does Genesis, chapters one through eleven in particular, teach pertaining to the world? Specifically speaking in regards to the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and civilization. In accordance with all that, how then could this affect your worldview today? What exactly does the bible say? How exactly can it shape the way we see life and are these conclusions about the world we live in today parallel with what the bible states as truth? First of all, when referring to the natural world itself, we’re specifically talking about its fallen state. The world as we know it and as the
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Why was woman taken from man’s rib? I believe that nothing in scripture is random, and so therefore I believe that it is to indeed signify that she was to be considered “next to” man in every aspect of life such as marriage, parenting, and as a helper. That being said, she was in fact as scripture states to be a helper. Also, as it is strongly influenced throughout scripture, she was to be his wife, and he her husband, and the two would once again become “one flesh”.
How about civilization? What does Genesis say about the human development? Our advancement as a species? Well, Genesis has very much to say about our growth as a whole. In fact in Genesis 11 the Lord says “Come let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other” (Gen. 11:7). And so after He had done this, He scattered them among the earth and spread them out far and wide. This causes me to believe and understand several truths yet again. First of all, I believe that at this separating of the people at the Tower of Babel, is how we came to know different ethnicities such as Asians, Africans, Spanish, English, etcetera. I also believe that after the flood the atmosphere and climate were much different. Which would also compensate for certain physical aspects of the different ethnicities as well, having been spread to different climatic areas of the world. And also, with the human existence in general, I believe that we started with Adam and Eve, and given thousands of years,


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