Community Health Strategies

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Community Health Strategies Paper

Access to Quality Health Care Access to quality health care is so vitally important in not only eliminating, but decreasing the prevalence of health problems and fatalities. By providing health care for all types of people, there will in turn be an increase in the years of life and quality for individuals involved. Healthy people 2010 strives to make health care accessible to all Americans no matter what their insurance, background or situation. The public health systems work to education the under-served populations and prevent further health damages. The public health system ensures there is funding for free and reduced price clinics. Currently I reside with my family in Anchorage Alaska.
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Populations Affected Low income families and those who are homeless or jobless often have the greatest difficulty with trying to find quality care. Stereotyping is a factor that often exists within a community. The homeless population grows more vulnerable daily. They are often un insured and have many risks. It is often difficult for one to find a job, let alone have any insurance benefits. Another risk for this population is the rate of the mental health problems that exist.
The amount of public assistance offices located throughout the city does not even attempt to serve the amount of population that is in need of these services. It is evident that opening more of these offices in the areas that are in need is going to fulfill part of the watson theory as treating the community on a whole, holistically. To improve on this goal and to improve the access to health care for this general population it is necessary to increase the number of individuals with jobs, therefore increasing the number of individuals with insurance benefits. It is also vitally important to increase the number of individuals who are counseled on healthy behaviors. This counseling should definitely start in elementary school but it is so important for public health departments and community health nurses to reach out to the community and educate.
List the recommended priorities and strategies including tools, community agencies, and additional resources you would use to improve


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