Bilingual Education - Persuasive Speech

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My first day of school felt so strange as if I was banished to Mars. Or at least to some very far away place full of strangers where nobody speaks my language. Because indeed, nobody spoke my language on my first day of school. I was 6 years old and lost among people whom I couldn’t even talk to. How could this happen? I spent all of my childhood in Hungary, but it still felt like we just moved to another country right before me starting school. Although no such thing happened, I still blame everything on my parents.
Now you might think that they did something awful to me. On the contrary. My parents wisely made a life-changing decision when they sent me to the British International School of Budapest. Why do I say
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The number of mandatory years of language courses in schools must be raised. Unfortunately you cannot do anything to immediately change policies regarding this issue. However, here at VCU, taking language classes as electives is a wonderful possibility! I checked online and as much as 12 languages are offered! You can choose from a wide variety beginning from the commonly studied languages like Spanish and French through Chinese and Russian to the most intriguing languages like Arabic and Zulu, which is the most spoken language out of 11 in South Africa. All of these are extremely important languages when considering the economic importance of the countries where they are spoken: China, Russia and the Arabic countries are all very competetive in the 21st century.

The best way to learn a language though is undoubtedly from native speakers. VCU offers language courses abroad in such places as Guatemala, Cordoba, Florence and Barbados. Spending a month, half a year or a year abroad is the most efficient and intense way to study languages. Actually you don’t even have to study it, you just pick it up without noticing! These opportunities are also a perfect way to experience a new culture and a new way of life and to see a new horizon.

Lastly I would like to point out what you can do to provide your children with the best


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