‘Map-It’ Framework in Addressing Social Determinats of Health

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For the past two decades Utah County has been ranked among those US counties with healthiest populations. In spite of this, assessment on life expectancy of the inhabitants of Utah State shows that some problems have cropped into the local occupants depriving them of their once notable rich health status (Novilla, Barnes, Hanson, West & Edwards, 2011). A close examination shows that there are inherent health disparities among Utah citizens and this is as a result of the notable variations in life expectancies among different groups. Research shows that in some parts of the Utah state, life expectancy is 80 years while in the other areas within the same state the life expectancy is 70 years. Research shows that Utah ranking
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The areas of research would also include health care access frequency and difficulties in affording health care. The proportion of the residents who cannot afford health care would provide an indicator as to whether economic factors contribute to the health disparities. I would also focus on gaining information on the access to preventive care that includes frequent screening for diseases such as cancer (Lewis & Burd-Sharps, 2010). Information regarding immunization of children would also be researched and this would provide essential information regarding the degree to which the populations are educated with regard to child care. Consequently my survey would collect information regarding substance abuse and its implications on the health of individual. Based on the gathered information, I would be able to identify the gaps that exist in policy development and resource allocation.
P- Planning my approach
The vision for the engagement in the health care corrective mechanism would be to enhance the well being of Utah populations. Focus would be to see Utah regain its lost proud in the health care context. The approach for solving the health needs of the Utah populations would include the following;
1. I would carry out Community needs assessment to uncover problems in health care together with their root. The first step would involve talking to Utah populations as well as the community leaders. This would form a platform for