Britvic, Marketing

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The term marketing concept consists of following key characteristics:

1- Identifying
2- Anticipate and satisfying
3- Profit

These characteristics are illustrated as follows:


Identifying is probably the most important task that generally involves the location and identification of needs and demands of the public and to gain the knowledge of competitors in the market. This process can be done through market research and public surveys about what products and services people want from the producers, then plan to produce and fulfil the customer requirements keeping the prices in mind.


A key character of marketing is to provide the services and products what
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These factors include:
- change in demand
- new generation
- new laws
- economy
- better technology
- increasing competition

So, Britvic no doubt us the number one supplier of soft drink but it is still necessary for it to keep up to date with the position of market with respect to the sales and demand of the product supplied.

Britvic must regularly collect all the information about its rivals that produce same product but provide more services. Having knowledge of such things will help Britvic to develop strategies and plan to overcome its competitors. It can also help britvic to advertise according to the new generation’s taste.
It will help Britvic to gain the satisfaction of customers.

Q 4

Ans: there are two different researches knows as qualitative and quantitative researches.

Qualitative research:
It is a detailed review of information gathered on a particular product.

“Research that derives data from observation, interviews, or verbal interactions and focuses on the meanings and interpretations of the participants” (Holloway and Wheeler, 1995)

Britvic can collect market research information in many ways:
- public surveys
- telephone interviews
- focus groups
- observations
- internet websites
- magazines
- newspapers

Britvic will use primary data in qualitative research.

According to the present stage of britvic, the best method for britvic is to undergo direct interviews of customers on its sale points.