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ILM LEVEL 3 Award in first line management
Solving Problems and Making Decisions by Donna Sullivan
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Table of Contents
Context of assignment 2
The description of the problem 3
Analysis of the problem 4
Resolution of the problem 5
Implementation and communication of the solution 6
Appendix 7

I work for the City Health Care Partnership within the Primary Care Medical Services, I work for 4 different GP practices as the Data Quality Manager but main base been at Kingston Medical Centre in the Central appointments team, at Kingston Medical Centre we have 4 full time GP’s, 3 Nurses, 2 Health Care Assistants, 7 Receptionists, 2 Admin members based in the Central appointments
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To implement a Telephone triage system would be the 2nd idea of the list to try but we felt that even after the Gp’s had triaged the calls patients may not be satisfied and would still request to be seen by a GP and that GP’s feel it is not the safest way to practice as you cannot always diagnose over the telephone and could lead to miss diagnosis in which case cause complaints, also we need some finance input to change the telephone systems and training for staff

The solution that came out with the highest score was to introduce a walk in clinic between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00 am as it met all the relevant criteria that we had asked for It would meet all the client needs that patients would be seen on the same day, no training was needed for any of the staff it was financially viable as we do not need any additional resources and was easy to implement as all we need to do is inform staff and patients and change the appointment system .

Implementation and communication of the solution

In order for us to implant the new walk in clinic we would have to communicate with people in


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