Bus 517 Ass. 1 Project Proposal

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Children’s Miracle Network
Torch Relay

July 22, 2012



Date: July 20,2012 Proposal: 1 Representative: Linda Lang Project Classification: Strategic What business problem does the project solve? Raises Funds for Research and Services Needed in local communities Social Awareness brought to persons and areas unfamiliar with services available What are the major deliverables of the project? Funds raised in specified amount Organizational statement declaration Database of all entities involved in project What is
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(Fundraising, 2012) The statement “with your help we will continue to make miracles happen” basically shares the deliverable that the Children’s Miracle Network is working toward, “making miracles happen”. (About The Torch Relay, 2012) Getting the word out or creating images that become synonymous with the Children’s Miracle Network will be delivered via organized statements, declarations, and visual concepts throughout the marketing and public relations campaign. Sub deliverables will be organized according to media outlets locally. The US Census Bureau estimate for the population of the State of Georgia for 2011 was over 9 million persons living in the state. (State and County Quick Facts, 2012) Each media outlet will have the means of finalizing reports to show the effectiveness of all efforts. All effort toward marketing and sharing the overall message of the Children’s Miracle Network is an important deliverable to the overall structure of the organization. The third deliverable of the torch relay event will be to have an organized database of all entities involved in the execution of the project. The importance of this list is immeasurable. The list will be used to maintain and develop ongoing relations with all entities regarding endeavors with which the Children’s Miracle Network chooses to indulge. In addition to maintaining relations, the database will help to establish future relations as well. Sub deliverables will be