Causes of Civil War

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Causes Of Civil War

As members of the Futurist of America Association, we have been assigned to look specifically at the cause of the American Civil #War. There are five aspects that could of led to the Civil War and they are Westward Movement,
Social Change, Froeign Policy Development, Government/Politics Development, and
Economic Development. Out of the five aspects, Economic Development is the best reason for the eventual Civil War.

First, Westward Movement could of led to American Civil War because of the Louisiana Purchase, Wilmont Proviso, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Popular
Sovereignity, Compromise of 1850, Missouri Compromise, "Bleeding Kansas",
California Gold Rush, Manifest Destiny, and the Mistreatment of Native
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Prohibiton did no separate the North and South because the majority of the men from both sides loved alcohol too much to listen. Abolitionists' Movement not gain any support from big cities up North. So how can the issue of slavery suppose to separate the North from the South when they can not even gain support from the North?
Garrison, who wrote the Liberator, was mobbed in the streets of Boston and almost lynched. In New York City, the Tappan brothers often received threats because they supported a massive effort to print and distribute antislavery pamphets through the U.S. mails. Citizens of New York Ciy consider them as dangerous radicals. These ideas did not separate the North from the South, but as least the ideas were out for the people to know about.

Third, Foreign Policy dealt with U.S. policies over foreign countries.
After the American Revolution, the Americans were still allies with France. In
1793, France declared on Great Britain and wanted aid from the United States, considering the French helped the Americans defeat the British. Americans stayed neutral, but the British closed French ports to neutral ships. As a result, the
Americans signed a treaty with Britain called Jay's Treaty to remain neutral.
The French was digusted by the Americans, so in 1797 French privateers seized more than 300 American vessals. Pinckney, Marshall, and Gerry were sent to get compensation for the seized


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