History Essay Spanish Civil War

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What were the key effects of the Spanish Civil War?

Spanish Civil War was war which lasted from 1936 to 1939. For the Spanish it was “total” war, because whole available arms, weapons, economy and other sectors of country were included in this war. But the Spanish Civil War was “limited” war for foreign powers, since they hadn’t been directly included into the conflict. In this war the new technology was very significant, especially dominance of the airpower. Control of the sea was very important, too. These two segments played very important role in making decision of who is going to win the war. On the other hand, the war on land took the biggest number of lives, and that was one of the important consequences of the war.
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USSR came into this war in order to spread communism and to ally with Britain and France against the Nationalism. However, both of these aims were not successful. So Stalin decided to change his policy. He realised that neither the British nor the French were not willing to join against Germany. Because of that, the war pushed him to make a deal with Nazi Germany.

The war contributed to the polarization of Europe. Italy drew closer to Germany as a result of the conflict, and Britain and France drew closer together, as well.
Italy suffered several military setbacks in a war to which they were committed. This commitment made Italy even more dependent on its one ally, Germany. The cooperation between Germany and Italy destroyed the “Stresa Front” and reduced chances of stopping Hitler on minimum. Britain and France drew together as a result of their common desire to maintain non-intervention and also through their joint naval program to stop Mediterranean 'piracy.' British and French non-intervention gave courage to Hitler to continue with his plans. Before 1938 he planned to avoid a war and to ally himself with British, but by the time he lost his respect to Britain because of its isolation policy and it made him more aggressive.
This war was very useful to Hitler. He reckoned what he shouldn’t and should do and what kind of mistakes he should avoid. Also he learned how important air power was and that bombing of


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